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SINCE 2009

Anycon remote

Anycon remote control factory is a professional manufacturer and exporter in China specilized in Bluetooth air mouse remote control, 2.4G RF air mouse remote controlvoice control remote control for smart TV and android box remote control for more than 5 years, with our own R&D department in which there are many engineers who are in remote control field for over 10 years, OEM and ODM orders with customers, designs and specification are always welcome。

The company's services aim is to do everything: Any Solution

The company's products are based on the survival: Remote Control

End enterprise development to benefit society: Contribution to Society

Spiritual heritage is respected companies, either for customers or employees: Anycon will be respected

We believe that our joint efforts, and all are in control: Everything will be under control

Anycon, effort, responsibility and innovation ......

Our common Anycon !

Product Category

2.4G RF Remote control, bluetooth remote control, air mouse remote control, Qwerty smart remote control, DVB/OTT remote, 315/433Mhz RF remote control, downlable and smart TV box remote control etc。

Management system

Our company have ISO9001:2008 quality management system.With complete reliability laboratory, monitor the product components and product reliability, ensure the quality of the products. Factory all adopt lead-free process, in line with the EU RoHS environmental protection standard and CE FCC。


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Parallax Demo

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Scroll up and down to really get the feeling of how Parallax Scrolling works.


Scroll up and down to really get the feeling of how Parallax Scrolling works.