Innovation and Design

We are committed to innovation in sensing and control technology to help our customers create smarter products. We have an unparalleled device database and accumulated knowledge of the system operation of virtually any electronic device in the home. Our in-house design team works closely with customers as well as product development and production engineers in user-centered design, industrial design, material application, environmental design to translate customer needs into user-centered design and translate it into An award-winning product that is reliable and efficiently built.

Engineering and Development

Our senior engineers meticulously create, test and release new technologies in hundreds of innovative products every year. With extensive experience in all aspects of RF system design, electrical design, mechanical design and software design, we pride ourselves on managing our programs effectively and efficiently from specification to production.

Manufacturing and Supply

As the world's largest manufacturer of wireless control solutions, we invest in building the expertise and infrastructure to produce, assemble and test voice-enabled two-way communication devices. With automation, manufacturing design and continuous improvement tools, we build world-class manufacturing facilities for high-volume and high-mix electronics. All of our facilities use the same production process infrastructure to ensure consistent quality, efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.

Software and Support

We provide technical software support throughout the life cycle of your product or service. We support our customers through a 24/7 online help desk. We develop kits, documentation, sample code and reference implementations for our customers, so most system integrations can be done directly by our customers or their system integrators. If needed, we can also help with system integration and support through local software application engineers and technical support engineers.

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