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Talent recruitment

alent recruitment

position Name
Number of recruits
work place
release time
Structural Engineer 12,000-20,000
1 person

job requirements:

1. Responsible for new product development, provide scientific analysis and judgment on achievability from the perspective of structural design, and use resources for product development;

2、According to the determined product research and development projects, complete the structural design of new or improved products, and solve structural problems in product development;

3、Responsible for the preparation of product certification materials, assist in the follow-up of new product certification work to meet the requirements of product nature;

4、Lead the trial production of new products, analyze and solve related problems in production and provide technical guidance;

5、Responsible for product-related process, technological improvements and innovations (design changes and engineering changes);

6、Responsible for the analysis and improvement of the quality problems of quality products, and propose improvement countermeasures;

7、Cooperate with mold developers to review the feasibility of product structure design, and follow up the mold making process;

8、Responsible for the review of mold samples, design modification and final approval of parts; follow up the progress of product mold opening;

9、Responsible for organizing, formulating, revising and filing design data.

job requirements:

1、College degree or above, major in machinery;

2、Proficient in using Pro/E, CAD and other drawing design software to engage in product structure design;

3、More than five years experience as a structural engineer.

Remarks: The work place for this position is No. 12, Limin Road, Baptist Town Industrial Zone, Zhutang Village, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City.

Project management 7000-10000
1 person

job requirements:

1、Responsible for evaluating project costs, collecting customer needs, and collating relevant data, managing and promoting project schedules/timetables, and comprehensively managing the progress of all new projects;

2、Responsible for communicating with the design team, confirming the manufacturing bill of materials, coordinating the BOM drawings, and with the R&D team for BOM changes and management, from the introduction of new projects to the completion of delivery;

3、Responsible for the introduction of new products and the leading convening of the project establishment meeting, the control of major time nodes, and the follow-up of the whole process;

4、Responsible for the establishment of new project/design change BOM/ERP, record and report to the superior management to communicate the project status and communicate the problems encountered in the project implementation process;

5、Responsible for the follow-up and resolution of related problems in the early stage of mass production, and manage problems in the project;

6、Responsible for new product delivery report and internal communication review of new product problem points, follow up the analysis results of customer complaints about risks and changes, report sorting and reporting.

job requirements:

1、College degree or above, major in international trade, business English, CET4 or above, with good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills;

2、More than 1 year of relevant work experience in project management, with the ability to grasp market dynamics and market direction, strong ability to analyze and solve problems, excellent resource integration ability and business promotion ability;

3、Have strong project management control ability, rationally dispatch resources, control project costs, and achieve project management goals;

4、Possess good communication, coordination and execution skills, work steadfastly and conscientiously, result-oriented, and have a sense of responsibility.

Financial Manager 13,000-20,000
1 person

job requirements:

1、Responsible for formulating short, medium and long-term financial planning plans for the company according to the company's strategic development requirements, and comprehensively coordinating the company's financial management;

2、Responsible for improving the accounting system, optimizing the accounting process, reviewing the accounting work, improving the financial management system and related implementation work;

3、Responsible for preparing and reviewing the financial statements and consolidated statements of each company, issuing financial analysis reports, and submitting management optimization suggestions;

4、Responsible for optimizing the process and rules of the financial accounting modules, involving the connection of business operations, in order to improve efficiency and comply with internal control specifications;

5、Responsible for organizing and reviewing or participating in the drafting of economic contracts, agreements and other economic documents, and managing the collection and payment of various contracts according to financial management requirements;

6、Responsible for real-time supervision and management of the company's inventory levels, inventory differences, sluggish inventory, process internal control points, etc.;

7、Responsible for the company's tax planning, do a good job in the declaration and payment of various taxes, and maintain good relations with relevant government departments such as finance, taxation, and banks;

8、Responsible for the company's capital use plan and capital income and expenditure security, and cooperate with bank financing work;

9、Standardize the current financial processes and systems, regularly train and deploy financial personnel, and manage and cultivate the financial personnel echelon;

10、Responsible for completing other tasks assigned by superiors.

job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting, with the title of intermediate accountant or above, with more than 5 years of financial management experience in manufacturing;

2、Proficient in financial accounting standards, proficient in financial accounting rules and methods, familiar with financial accounting related systems and regulations, and familiar with Kingdee ERP system;

3、Strong sense of responsibility, careful, with good communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness;

4、Have good professional ethics and professionalism;

5、English can be used for normal work communication (speaking, listening, reading, writing).

6、Age requirement is 28-35 years old.

Remarks: The working address of this position is in Shenzhen, and you need to travel to Dongguan company twice a week.

Domestic salesman 10,000-15,000
1 person

job requirements:

1、Responsible for domestic business and achieve net sales budget through effective quantity management. Second, identify and secure incremental opportunities through data analysis, negotiation, and specific growth extrapolation. And work with marketing and product management teams.

2、Setting up and participating in client meetings to prepare specific analyses and business updates;

3、Establish good relationship with customers, maintain close contact with customers, improve performance and expand business scope.

4、Attend trade shows and customer events;

5、Monitor the execution of the marketing plan throughout the year and make continuous adjustments to ensure that the budget is met;

6、Leverage market data sources to analyze enhanced sales and update customer programs;

7、Work with the Director of Business Development to create business models for new opportunities and manage them by building an ongoing business;

8、Analyse competitor activities and make recommendations for continuous improvement;

9、Work within the wider business to correctly predict each customer and implement relevant marketing campaigns.

job requirements:

1、College degree or above, about 5 years of relevant work experience;

2、Experience in selling to Telecos, DTH operators, TV brand customers;

3、Possess excellent presentation, calculation and analysis skills;

4、Experience in consumer electronics industry is preferred;

5、Proficient in business planning and market forecasting;

6、Proactively develop and implement client plans;

7、Interested in consumer electronics, technology and gadgets.

8、Has a strong sense of customer service, strong interpersonal communication skills, market development skills, business negotiation. Ability, time management ability.

Remarks: The work place for this position is No. 12, Limin Road, Baptist Town Industrial Zone, Zhutang Village, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City.