Solar remote control solution

We are self-developed for consumers, service providers, ODM products, solar remote control

Android TV Remote Control Solution

As the leader in Android TV remote control, we provide customers with a range of smart voice remote control options with form-extending features and stable and reliable functions to enhance usability and meet customers' different personal requirements

RDK Voice Remote Control Solution

ANYCON offers a range of voice remotes for RDK and Metrology set-top boxes. Operators choosing the RDK platform can choose from ANYCON's wide range of remote controls and benefit from the pre-integrated voice remote control for the RDK and Metered TV application platforms.

Universal remote control solution

We design and manufacture a wide range of universal remote controls for a wide range of consumers, service providers, OEMs, and more.

Air conditioner remote control solution

We provide end-to-end connected thermostats, advanced HVAC controls as well as energy monitoring and advanced remote control solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality markets and the world's leading HVAC brands

Custom Remote Control Solutions

As a professional remote control manufacturer, our hardware and software solutions are designed to simplify the user experience and seamlessly connect entertainment and smart home devices. We have become a qualified supplier certified by most of the world's top 500 companies, and cooperate with customers to develop remote control solutions that suit their brand needs.

our products

We have ready-made remote control models with ideal prices.

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  • AN3702 Self-developed ODM products, such as solar remote control products
  • AN5306 The TV range includes Feature TVs, Ultra HD TVs, Smart TVs.
  • AN1603 The set-top box series includes DVBC/S and Android set-top boxes.
  • U6 Self-developed ODM products
  • Ac1601 The Air Conditioning range includes remote controls for thermal sensing and air conditioning.
  • Q1 The smart home series includes infrared transmitters, sensors and other smart home products.
  • X1 The smart home series includes infrared transmitters, sensors and other smart home products.